Message Series: word. (THE Word)


This week, we looked at John 1.  This passage describes Jesus as the Word.  John did this because of the significance it had to original readers.  Both Jews and Greeks would have understood this as a metaphor meaning that Jesus was the link between the divine and man.  Even though we might not pick up on that as quickly, that truth is still incredibly significant to us today.  Jesus is the way that God best reveals Himself to us.  Jesus said that anyone who had seen Him had seen the Father.  Even though we don’t have the privilege to walk and talk with Jesus on this earth, our relationships with Him allow us to know God in a very personal way.  Realizing the power of this truth is likely to transform how we live.  If we really recognize Jesus for the precious gift from Heaven that He is, we will thankfully obey Him.  So talk about some of these things with your family:

Who is Jesus to your family?  Is He the God you serve and the Man you know?
Why is it important that Jesus is God and Man?
In what ways has knowing Jesus allowed you to know more about God?

As always, we pray that this leads to some fruitful conversations with your teens and family.  God bless!

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