M.O.P.S (Mothers of Preschoolers)

M.O.P.S is an incredible group of mothers that comes together on a r


egular basis. We bring out the best in each other to help us be better moms, better wives, better followers of Christ. We love that we get together with no expectations, and can change each other’s moods and outlook on mothering and life. We are constantly praying for each other and for each other’s kids, and there is a fabulous email network among all of us. This is a group that is there for each other. The impact that MOPS can have on a new mom’s life can mean the difference between joy and despair. MOPS is like no other group! We love welcoming new friends and thrive on new connections!”

For more information, visit MomsHope.com,

or Contact Heather Mandala, Director of Tomorrow’s HOPE Preschool