Tomorrow’s HOPE Preschool

There are so many different options when it comes to preschools and kindergartens in our area – so why would you choose Tomorrow’s Hope?

We could tell you it is because of our dedicated staff, most of whom have their degrees in education and many of whom have their masters in education. These are women who have made this a life choice, to love and grow children.

In addition it might be because we have a full time director and we are a ministry of HOPE Church.  Why is that important?  We have  a director who focuses on supporting the staff and meeting the needs of the families.  She is available to you throughout the day – to answer your questions, wrestle with developmental issues, or just chat (we know what it is like to only have a preschooler or a baby to talk with all day)!  Also, we have a church staff who is here to help, including a Director of Children’s and Family ministries who coordinates family events, focused on growing our families together toward God, for us all year round!

We could tell you it is because of the small class sizes – all classes max out between 11 and 13 students – with a lead teacher and an assistant teacher in each room. This allows our staff to know each child and love them for who they are!  We promise your little one won’t get lost in the crowd!

Or perhaps you should choose Tomorrow’s Hope because we are a developmental school which focuses on teaching  age-appropriate practices. We believe in meeting your child where they are and moving them forward in loving and strategic ways, so they will meet with success and achieve with confidence and greater understanding.

Really though, while we are immensely proud  of all of these things, what makes us stand out among the rest, is that we are a family.  We believe in embracing the whole child and their family, teaching about God’s love and showing it as well.

So stop by for a tour, talk to some of our parents, visit our classrooms.  We know you’ll feel it the minute you walk in the door – we’d love to welcome you to the family!

For more information, visit,

or Contact Heather Mandala, Director of Tomorrow’s HOPE Preschool