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Below are the names and positions of our steering team. You can contact them here.

2017-2018 Steering Team

Mops Coordinators:  Sarah Johnson and Silia Mills

A MOPS Coordinator offers input, support and guidance to the leadership team and the entire MOPS group.  She works closely with her team and the church and provides clear expectations while encouraging resourcefulness and creativity.

Finance & Registration Coordinator:   Lindsey Tomlinson 

Collects fees, manages the money, and budgets for the group. She pays guest speakers or demonstrators, deposits money, keeps accurate records, and assists her team with fundraising. This person will be responsible for signing up moms at the group meeting and registering them for MOPS International via the Leaders’ section of Works closely with Coordinators.

Moppets Team: Laura Schneider & Breanne Tomlinson 

Oversees the MOPPETS ministry, and recruits, trains and encourages MOPPETS staff. She selects classroom curriculum, creates a loving environment for moms and children, while letting kids know how much God loves them.  Communicates program policies to members. Works closely with Church Liaison.

Discussion Group Team Leader: Diana Williams

Coordinates, trains and encourages Discussion Group Facilitators and works closely with the Mentor Mom. She substitutes for absent Discussion Group Facilitators and, with them, prays for the individual members of the MOPS group.  Works closely with MOPS Coordinator, Care Team & Social Coordinator.

Hospitality Team Leader: Kelly Doty

Leadership in this area should emphasize the welcoming environment. Works with her team to organize refreshments, set up and clean up each meeting, and assists with special needs along with her team. Manages Panera pickup.

Fundraising Coordinator: Lindsey Tomlinson 

Organizes and implements fundraising events to provide scholarships and help cover childcare expenses. Sets up and closes each event. Works closely with Finance.

Secretary/Publicity Team Leader: Katie Giamoni

Publicity works with the other areas of MOPS to provide a warm, nurturing, open atmosphere to make a woman feel good about coming and bringing her friends to MOPS. Publicity brings people together.  It can unite the women in the group, bring in new moms and establish a network of prayer and support within the church. Publicizes MOPS meetings by promoting it to local businesses and in newspapers. She facilitates communication between Steering and MOPS women via newsletters and/or fliers. She keeps committee meeting minutes and emails them to the group.  Works closely with the Outreach Coordinator & Social Coordinator.

MOPS Mentor:  Annemarie Reilly

A mentor is someone who walks a few steps ahead of us. At MOPS, she brings perspective on mothering, womanhood and relationships based on biblical principles and her own life experience.  As a mature woman with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a MOPS mentor seeks God in fulfilling the challenge of being a teacher, role model, counselor, friend and advisor to the leadership team and the MOPS group.

Social Coordinator: Kasey Cornforth

Plans and implements activities in and outside of regular meetings so that moms and children can grow together in God’s community.  These activities will be for moms, moms and children as well as families and date nights. Works closely with the DGL & Publicity Coordinator.

Church Liaison:  Heather Mandala

This member is involved in keeping the MOPS group connected with the church.  She is a spiritual leader that helps guide the group.

Outreach/ Volunteer CoordinatorTeam Lead

Time spent working together on projects for others or for themselves is a great way for mothers of preschoolers to have a sense of accomplishment and also to build community by working together.  This mom designs and implements one service projects a semester as a means of giving back to the community. She may also organize meeting icebreakers and skits to help the ladies relax and get to know each other. Communicates with Publicity Team Leader.

Care Team Leader: Cate Rogov

Sets up meals for MOPS members who have had a baby, illness, or need. Works closely with the DGL Coordinator.

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