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Online Studies
Here at HOPE, we believe that life-change happens in small groups. We also realize that our lives are busy … often too busy. So, how can we make sure we have time to connect and grow?
This is why we have created our Online Studies. We want you to be able to join others as you wrestle with God, dive into Scripture, and apply His Truth to your life; and we want you to be able to do this according to your schedule. When you participate in an Online Study, you will be challenged three times a week with reflections, Scripture and questions for discussion in the feed below. Our bloggers, and other participants, will be answering and discussing comments and thoughts with each other daily. With online studies, you can sign up to receive each new post in your inbox so you can read and respond when it works best for you … early morning, lunch break, late at night!
For some of us, Online Studies are a new way to look at our times with God at home, we may already be in a small group but this provides another opportunity to go deeper.
Our hope is that for busy seasons we will be able to connect with one another and God in a new way. Nothing can replace meeting face-to-face, but for times when it doesn’t seem possible to add one more thing—we hope this will be a great alternative!

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