Our Next Series

Church … Really?

Many people view church as a dying anachronism of a by-gone age and not very relevant to the 21st century. Sadly, there are far too many churches that have lost focus and as a result are little more than a small club whose members are living in the memory of “the good old days.”

This picture, however, is only one slice of the “body of Christ” on Earth. Another reality is that both in the U.S. and around the world, the church continues to be a dynamic force for good and a blessing to millions and millions of individuals.

The Church of Jesus Christ ignites faith, instills hope and displays love to insiders and outsiders alike. A healthy church is in fact a glimpse of heaven or what Pastor Jeff likes to call “God’s dream community.”

This series will be looking at what the Bible teaches us about church as God intends for it to be and how we here at HOPE are seeking to be a real church.

Real Church
Sundays, September 8 – October 13
9 & 10:30am

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