Our Next Sunday Morning Message Series

The Urban Dictionary defines “kinda sorta” as a vague disclaimer used to describe a similarity between two unrelated subjects without making the two subjects appear to be too closely related.

During our new series, Kinda Sorta … But Not Really, we will look at some simple phrases. Phrases that can sound like they came right out of the Bible. They may even have some elements of truth, however, they miss the point and are more accurately half-truths.

Some of the things we accept and repeat to others sound so true, and we’ve believed them for so long, that they have become “truth” … above question or criticism … but really, they are only half-truths at best. Why is this important? Half-truths believed to be whole truths can hurt people. It can lead people to conclusions about God and life that are untrue.

It’s kinda sorta like this … but not really.

Sundays, 9 & 10:30am
July 2 – August 6
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