Our Next Sunday Morning Message Series

When Worlds Collide: Confidence in a World of Compromise
How do we live as Christians in our world today? There is unease and unrest. There is pressure to
conform. We look around at local, national, and world events (e.g. war, terror, shootings, protests, tragedies) and we wonder, “God where are you?”
Daniel, a captured and enslaved Israelite, submitted to four earthly kings during his exile; but he chose to remain faithful to his true citizenship and he was able to influence the world around him through his faith in God.

This series will remind each of us … “God’s got this.”
God’s call to us, as citizens of heaven, is a strategy of faith, trust, integrity, and good character— even when God doesn’t answer in the way we would want Him to answer. We are called to trust God with world and life events as they unfold around us even if we can’t make sense of things. Jesus is on his throne and is in control.

Sundays, November 6 – November 20
9 & 10:30am
Visitors Expected

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