PARENTS: Check out the Mission Trip Book

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Moms and Dads, want to know what we will be learning and talking about on the trip?  Check out a digital copy of our trip book.  Follow along with us each day.  Take your own notes.  Spark some discussion for when your student gets home.

We put a lot of time carefully crafting this book to guide our week.


At a very young age, your parents probably started teaching you the famous line: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” You have probably heard it so many times that you’re callous to it. However, that phrase rings true on so many levels. Humans are very quick to judge someone by their appearance rather than their character.

God on the other hand does just the opposite. It seems that throughout history, God always seems to choose the UNLIKELY —the smallest, least important, least qualified, the last one picked at kickball, the outcast, the one that might not even be an option in anyone’s eyes. Why is that? Why does God always seem to call on those that are the most UNLIKELY of individuals to fulfill his plans?

God sees something in people that the human eye cannot. And when these UNLIKELY people choose to trust God with all their lives, they end up doing far greater things than anyone could have expected. They end up making an impact so great that lives are forever changed.

So what about you? Are you one of the UNLIKELY?   What could God do in and through your life that will forever change who you are and those around you.

In this book, you will focus on six people from Biblical times that were the epitome of UNLIKELY. As you look deeper into who they are and what kind of an impact that God had in and through them, you will see that even the most UNLIKELY were men and woman just like you.

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