Parent’s Note

This week we learned that Jesus has the power to calm storms! Jesus and his disciples are out in a boat when a fierce storm comes up. Their boat is full of water, and they think they’re going to drown. Jesus stops the storm with just a few words. The disciples are in awe that Jesus has power to calm storms. Ask your children how they would feel if they were in that boat?  Share with them how you think you would feel?  Then use this to start a conversation about the “storms of life” and how we always have Jesus.

Messy Family Fun:

-Fill a bathtub or large plastic tote with enough water for something to float in.

-Put a small item that floats into the water.

-Make waves! Have family members simultaneously try to get the floating item to the other end without touching it with their hands and talk about what happened to the disciples’ boat and what happened to yours.

 This month we will be praying for David and Anadine at the House of Abraham Orphanage in Haiti.

 David 2016 Anadine 2016

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