Parents’ Note



Our Food Pantry

Bible Diving: Luke 10: 30 – 37 (please read together)

Conversation Questions

1)      Who passed by the man before the Samaritan stopped to help?

2)      How did the Samaritan take care of the man lying beside the road?

3)      Jesus tells the man at the end of the story to do something. What does he want the man to do?

Family Challenge

Challenge your children to be a ‘Samaritan’ this week. Encourage them to find little ways to help others: give a hug to someone who is sad; hold the door for people coming in or out of a store; pay for someone’s coffee or breakfast.

 Closing Prayer

Lord, you want us to be like the Good Samaritan. Help us to care for others around us and not just walk by. May we show mercy to others, just as the Samaritan showed mercy. Amen.

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