So Thankful

Generosity has always been at the heart of the people of HOPE, and we have countless examples of how that gets expressed through financial giving each year. Because of that Spirit-filled generosity, HOPE Church is able to continue to broaden and serve in numerous ministry areas by being the Salt and Light to our community and the world at large.

Time, however, is at a premium for most of us and can be much more challenging to give. That’s why (with apologies in advance for missing some) we would like to give a shout out to all who volunteer their time at HOPE. Here are just a few ways you serve this community on a regular basis:

  • Our parents are always at the ready, providing snacks and materials for crafts and then showing up to help run the various Family Ministry activities or helping as leaders and volunteers with the Youth Ministry.
  • Our guys can be seen around the HOPE campus day and night working on a myriad of maintenance projects or helping to prepare, run and clean up for HOPE events.
  • Our counting teams show up each Sunday morning, and with integrity, patience and accuracy, do an awesome job accounting for the offering.
  • Our teachers and Kidz Konnect volunteers, who have a real heart for children, love each of them up on Sundays, making worship fun and meaningful.
  • Our Kidz CAN Konnect Buddies shadow kids with special needs giving each individualized attention and love.
  • Our worship artists sing and dance and act their praises to and for the Lord all while helping us to better connect to Him. Our Tech and Logistic teams also put their talents to work each Sunday making our worship experience all the more special.
  • Our Lobby Ministry includes ushers, greeters, leaders and coffee-makers, as well as Soul Café workers and those manning the information table. All are friendly, welcoming and so helpful.
  • Our weekly volunteers spend their time with our M.O.P.S. group(Mothers of Preschoolers). We also have many who help with Tomorrow’s HOPE Preschool.
  • Our Food Pantry team members distribute much-needed food to dozens of families each week along with big smiles, tender advice and soft shoulders.
  • Our small group leaders gift their time and talents to some 285 people throughout the year who are studying the Word and doing life together.
  • Our Care Ministry reaches out to others in need and provides meals, information, resources and support to shut-ins. They also send cards and letters to college students and military personnel.
  • Our Mission Teams give up their time and resources to travel and serve others impacted by devastating storms or poverty.

All of these ministries, plus so many others, would not be possible without the faithful commitment of individuals of our HOPE community. And your service is greatly appreciated.

Throughout the summer months, beginning next Sunday morning, we will be celebrating our appreciation of our church family.

HOPE Appreciation Sundays will be a small way to honor and thank you for your love and commitment to Jesus … and your place in the community called HOPE.

Look forward to seeing you next Sunday!



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