Summer Reading – Sunday, August 3, 2014

“Read any good books lately?” That’s a question you hear fairly often during the summer months. Curling up with a great read, whether it’s on a beach, by a pool or on the couch, is a favorite past time for many.
If you’re looking for a new title, instead of culling from a popular bestseller list, why not consider reading the Book of Psalms? With 150 Psalms, or sacred songs, to pick from, you’ll find some of the most beautiful poetry ever written. They can be a comfort in the darkest of times and the brightest. They speak to the entire spectrum of human experience. There are songs of confidence that help deepen our trust in God. There are songs of laments that allow us to lay a troubling situation before the Lord and ask for His help. There are songs of praise used to admire God’s work and songs of thanksgiving to help us better express our appreciation to Him.
Consider using the book of Psalms as a daily devotional. Try using different translations. There are many free, online reading plans available and some smart phone apps have an audio feature so you can listen to them. Or you can just open your Bible to the middle and start where you are led. Let them speak to your soul and challenge you. Let them give you the words to share with others who need them.
Remember, the Psalms teach us how to talk to God …. How to use our hearts and voices to call on Him … A God that is the same today as He was when the Psalms were first written. By meditating on the Psalms, we join in a timeless community of praise and thousands of years of prayer. These same prayers were prayed by the apostles themselves. Jesus even prayed the Psalms, reciting Psalm 22 on the cross.
Those who wrote them were calling on the same faithful God and were encouraged, as we can be, to know they were not alone. We share the same struggles and yearnings that have been felt by people throughout the ages.
As God was faithful to them, He is faithful to us.

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