Sunday Bulletin Article – February 17 – Making Connections

Connections TitleMaking the Connection


Connecting people to God through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ

Connecting people to each other in authentic Christian community

Connecting the church to the world to be  salt and light


Making connections … it’s been our vision since our inception 22 years ago. Here at HOPE, we place a high value on forming pathways for people to connect, and wow, is it ever working!

We praise God for the many new people who have begun to worship with us each week. Welcome! And, for those established HOPEsters, we remain ever grateful for you as well.

Looking for ways in which you can connect? Let’s take a look at some of them:


  • Info Cards – Take a quick moment to fill out this card found in your bulletin. By giving us your name and email address, we can send you weekly updates and information about what’s happening here at HOPE. (Rest assured we never share our list with any other organizations.) To our regular attendees, remember to fill out a card if your information has changed. Then, drop it at our information table, put it in the offering plate or just leave it on your chair with our thanks!
  • Information Table – Located in the lobby, right next to our office, our information center is staffed and chock-full of ministry information. Feel free to stop by and take a look at what’s going on in our different ministry areas.
  • Small Group Ministry – Did you know 75 percent of the people attending HOPE are in a small group? Small groups are a great place to grow friendships, and a safe place to ask and explore faith questions together. Be sure to grab a catalog describing our current offerings and see what might resonate with you. Feel free to reach out to Heather Mandala, Director of Small Groups and share your thoughts.
  • Children’s Wing – Christine Graves is our Director of Family Ministry, and she would love to give you a tour and tell you more about what is happening with the kids and families here at HOPE. Contact Christine Graves
  • Youth Ministry – If you are in middle school or high school, reach out to Dave Falcone, our youth pastor or check out their website.  You’ll be amazed by all that’s happening with kids your age.
  • Worship Arts – Do you like to sing? Act? Dance? Play a musical instrument? Or, maybe you want to learn about our Tech Crew. Marilyn Bills, Director of Worship Arts, would love to give you more information about the amazing ways to connect with this ministry.
  • Grab the Pastor – Well, not literally. But don’t be shy. If you’re new, be sure to introduce yourself to one of our pastors after worship. Jeff Bills and Rick Court look forward to meeting you. Regular attendees, if you meet someone who is new, lead the way to making that introduction.


So, we are excited for all the new growth. It really is answer to prayer, and we count ourselves blessed by it. Each person walking through our doors for the first time comes by way of making some kind of connection with information about HOPE Church. If they return and stay, it’s because they’ve made a heart connection. Let’s continue to be that salt and light.





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