Sunday Bulletin Article – January 6, 2013 – He's Baaaaaak!

He’s Baaaack!

And, we couldn’t be happier! Nolan Pierce, our 2012 summer intern, has returned to HOPE Church and the Youth Ministry on a part-time basis.

A second-year, full-time  student at Cairn University in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Nolan grew up in South Jersey hailing from West Berlin.

“He is extremely gifted in the area of drawing people together and making kids feel especially comfortable in the process,” Dave Falcone, pastor of HOPE’s Youth Ministry said. In returning to HOPE, Nolan’s focus will be leading the outreach and connections areas for HOPE’s Youth Ministry.

“I think a few things that make me want to come back so much are the experiences I had this summer at HOPE; the contact I’ve kept with some of the students throughout the semester; the middle school retreat; and just realizing how big of an impact God can make through me directly on this church and how exciting that is,” Nolan said.


While studying at Cairn, Nolan has also been busy working as an RA (residential assistant). He hopes to obtain a degree in youth ministry when he graduates in 2014.


Welcome back Nolan!




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