Sunday Bulletin Article – March 13, 2013 – Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

If you insist on measuring yourself,  place the tape around your heart rather than your head.

                                                                                  —  Carol Trabelle, author


We thought it might be fun to count up the number of volunteers helping out at HOPE Church on any given Sunday.

Beginning with Worship Arts, we can see anywhere from 20 to 40 people volunteering (depending if the choir is singing that morning or not). Kidz Konnect and our C.H.O.S.E.N. Ministry (for children with special needs) have 20 to 25 helpers each week. The Lobby Ministry has a total of 75 volunteers. Each Sunday, we have close to two dozen of them working as ushers, greeters, leaders and coffee-makers. They also provide coverage for The Soul Café, The Source Bookstore and the lobby’s information table. Our youth’s Sunday Night Live touts at least 20 helpers each week.

And, this is just counting our regular Sundays!

During the week, we have 12 people helping to run our M.O.P.S (Mothers of Preschool) group and five volunteers working in HOPE’s Family Ministry. Ten people help run our very busy Food Pantry. Volunteer leaders who gift their time and talents for HOPE’s Next Step Ministry play an important role to the 285 people who are currently participating in a small group. Volunteers for our various service groups, including our Care Ministry, must also be counted.

If you currently volunteer at HOPE Church or have volunteered in the past, “Thank you!” If you are interested in finding out ways in which to get involved, stop by our information table in the lobby. We still need Easter volunteers. Why not fill out the enclosed form and sign up to help today?

Remember, volunteers matter. They make a difference in the lives  of others. They set good examples as role models. They grow personally from their experiences, and they draw closer to God. By following Jesus’ example of the life He practiced and advocated, volunteers at HOPE play  an important role in the life of our church.

They bless us each and every day.





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