Sunday Bulletin Article – March 17, 2013 – Make the "Ask"

Making the “Ask”

  Let us go to the house of the Lord. – Psalm 122

If you ask a person how he or she picked their church, research shows that one of the top 10 answers you will hear is, “Someone invited them.”

Seems simple, right?  Well, it really is … especially when you are asking someone to come to HOPE. You see, we’ve placed welcoming new folks as a high value and have been very intentional about inviting new people here throughout our 22-year history.

OK, but you’re still feeling awkward and uncomfortable anyway? Maybe you’re just not use to talking to your friends, neighbors and co-workers about your faith or your church. Here are some steps that might make that easier:

  • Pray. It’s a great place to start. Ask God for the courage to put yourself out there.
  • Make a list ahead of time of people you might think about asking. Even casual contacts count. Have you ever had a gut feeling about an individual who you think might be receptive about trying HOPE? Follow that Holy nudge, and take the plunge and just ask!
  • Give them some advance information about a series or the service or the casual and comfortable style of HOPE. Tell them you’ll meet them at the door and sit with them. Better yet, offer to give them a ride!
  • Let us know if you’re expecting someone new. Email Jeff Bills at or Rick                                                                        Court at so we’ll  be sure to warmly welcome them personally.
  • Remember why we invite people to church in the first place. It isn’t about putting butts in the seat or paying the bills. It’s about giving a friend the opportunity to have the same experience of authentic Christian community that you so appreciate.

Easter is a perfect time to extend invitations. It’s a season when many are open to the possibility of trying church if only someone would ask them! We’ve designed a few simple ways to help you make the ask!  You can forward our weekly Here’s What’s Happening at HOPE email. You can send a link to our website or point your friend to our Facebook page.  Speaking of social media, you could text or tweet an Easter invitation to friends. We have also created a simple invitation card you could hand to your friends.(You can pick up as many as you want in the lobby.) The  bottom line is the downside of inviting a friend to church is very small. The upside for them has the potential of being profound.


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