Sunday Bulletin Article – March 3 – HOPE Cares

Showing God’s love through personal servanthood to those in crisis and to those suffering stress from life situations.
That’s what HOPE’s Care Ministry is all about. Providing short-term assistance to members of the HOPE Church family who are in need. “We offer support and referrals for those needing spiritual, emotional and/or practical help,” volunteer coordinator, Deb Fenza said. “The needs are wide spread. We can receive requests ranging from how to best pick a nursing home for a loved one, to asking what one should do when their child has a drug problem, or if their spouse leaves the marriage,”
Crisis counseling is familiar ground for Deb who spent 25 years in home healthcare. A registered nurse with a B.S. in nursing, Deb has traveled throughout the tricounty area to comfort those in need.
“We, in the Care Ministry, try to help people break down their problems into manageable goals and then help them figure out what their next best step might be.”

Here are some of the other ways volunteers for the Care Ministry reach out:

  • Caring Meals – This program provides meals to families or individuals after the birth of a child, during illness, injury or death of a loved one.
  • College Care Ministry – As our young adults venture off to school, we want them to remember their church. Cards and care packages are periodically sent to college students associated with our church reminding them how we hold each of them in prayer.
  • Family Support – We provide various help to families going through illness such as running errands, doing housework, or babysitting.
  • Transportation – Transportation to and from medical appointments, hospitals, and HOPE church can be provided.
  • Hospital Visits – A member of our team will visit anyone from the HOPE family who is admitted to the hospital and deliver a good dose of encouragement, support and prayer.

“I would ask the people of HOPE to help be my eyes and ears and to refer those people who might not feel comfortable with reaching out.”
Interested in becoming a member of the Care Ministry? The time commitment can be very flexible with some volunteers working two or three times throughout the year.

Contact HOPE’s Care Ministry.

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