The Equip Conference

The Equip Conference

Saturday, September 9, 2017

8 am – 12:00 pm

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We believe that the local church has a vital role to play in advancing the Kingdom of God! And when the local church is functioning at it’s best, it not only transforms the lives of those who walk through its doors but its impact can be felt far and wide.

The Equip Conference was created from a deep passion to help local churches to function at their best. We partner with a variety of denominations to provide opportunities for learning and planning with your church teams. Regardless of denomination, race or creed we have so much to learn from each other and a common goal of sharing Jesus Christ with world.

Our goal? To Equip leaders within the church to grow, develop, challenge and hone their leadership skills.  So, let’s do that together! We have a great conference planned.

This September, we are expanding our focus to include a variety of church ministries; with speakers from other HOPE and other local churches hosting breakout workshops in their areas of expertise.  The breakout options are listed below the schedule.

If you  would like to participate, we encourage you to bring a team (please note the small fee is per CHURCH not individual).  We will even give you a meeting room where you can order lunch and discuss what you learned and begin a strategic planning discussion for the upcoming season.


8:00-8:30am – Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30 – 9:30am – Worship and Opening Talk

9:40 – 10:25am – Breakout one

10:40 – 11:25am – Breakout 2

11:40 – 1:00pm – Opportunity to meet with your team

You can register here. Once your group has registered you will receive a separate email in August to pick your breakout sessions.


Breakout Options:

Difficult Personalities – Heather Mandala (Leadership/Small Groups)

It doesn’t seem to matter where you are in ministry we will encounter difficult personalities! And we might even be one ourselves (Gasp!). In this breakout we will look at some of the common personality types (Dominator, Lover, Joker, etc) and the best ways to manage them.

Make them talk! – Tom Overton (Small Groups/Youth)

Getting your small group to open up and communicate can be tricky.  So often those first few meetings together we are working hard to break the ice and feel comfortable with each other.  Unfortunately, that can often lead to us doing most of the talking!  So let’s examine some different and creative ways to get everyone comfortable and talking!

How to Grow while you lead. – Rick Court (Leadership)       

It can be challenging to lead others while continuing to grow ourselves.  But it is crucial.  Join us as we look at practical ways we can focus on our own relationship with Jesus while still leading others as well.

Mentoring – Tom Boyle (Mentoring)

Mentoring has been studied for decades, and there are some simple easy steps that you can practice that will make you a better mentor. Learn how to combine challenge and support in a balanced way so that you can be genuinely helpful to those who think of you as their mentor. It will also help you to know what to look for in a mentor for yourself. The concept has been around since Homer wrote the Odyssey and Odysseus left his friend Mentor in charge of Telemachus when he went off to war, and good mentoring skills can be readily learned.

MOPS DGLS – Diana Williams (Leadership/Small Groups)

This is an opportunity to meet within our DGL’s and have our official MOPS training before our season launches.  If you are a MOPS DGL you will need to attend this breakout.

MOPS Steering – Sarah Johnson, Ashland Church, Silia Mills, HOPE (Leadership/Small Groups)

This breakout is for MOPS Steering team at HOPE Church.

Small Groups 101 – The basics – Ashley Evans

So you’re a small group leader! Now what?  Join Ashley as we dive into the basics of how to run a God focused, effective small group. We’ll look at the nuts and bolts, from planning to follow through after your meetings!

Small Groups Outside the Box – Ashley Evans (Small Groups youth and adult)

Small groups are intended to be a place for us to do life together. Have you ever thought of the different ways a small group can look? This session will encourage you to think outside the small group circle by getting creative about where and how you meet. (Intended for both adult and youth small group leaders)

Developing Leaders through Worship – Steve Hoadley (Leadership)

The time we gather together in corporate worship on a weekly basis is both sacred and special.  The leaders who help us worship God together, likewise, must be developed specifically for these sacred and special times.  The Role of the Worship Leader continues to rise in it’s prominence and therefore training.  This session will contain the basics of leading worship, for all traditions, as well as a guide to help get our volunteers to a place where they can lead worship effectively.  If you give leadership or oversight in discovering, equipping and releasing worship leaders, this session is for you.

The Multiplying Leader – Steve Hoadley (Leadership)

We all want our ministries to grow.  And we know that to do that we need leaders.  But who has a ‘leadership tree’ planted in their backyard?  This session will focus on how we are strategically evaluating our current pool of volunteers for leadership qualities and leveraging those gifts through an intentional process of apprenticeship, growth, modeling and evaluation; thereby creating a leadership path to multiplication.  Sometimes God sends us new leaders to complete His vision …. and sometimes, they are already here.  This session will help you cultivate and promote leaders that God may already have in your church.

YM 101- HOPE’s youth ministry new leaders  Dave Falcone (Youth)

Ever wonder what it means to be a youth ministry small group leader?  What does that entail?  What kind of impact do they REALLY have on students?  This session is a great session for the new youth leader looking to hone in on the basics.  This is also a great session for anyone interested in potentially being a small group leader and those that want to find out more about youth ministry small group leaders.

This session is specific to Hope Youth leaders for Hope’s Youth Ministry (others are welcome).

The 5 Must Have’s of Youth Ministry – Dave Falcone (Youth)

Youth ministries look different at every church. There are so many factors that come into playrural vs. suburban vs. urban, the size of the church, the personality of the leader, the landscape of the students in the ministry, and so many other factors. At the end of the day, there are a few Must Haves that are foundational in youth ministry. During this session, we will be talking about those Must Haves that span across all youth ministries and are vital to the success of connecting a generation of students with their Creator.

Encountering Crisis – Ben Green, St. Paul’s church (leadership)

Ministry involves encountering people, and encountering people inevitably means encountering crisis.  In 2017, rates of suicide and opioid abuse have increased affecting all facets of society, including the church.  This session will provide leaders in a church setting with tools to help identify and react to crisis situations involving church members.  Disclaimer: this is not a class on counseling, pastoral or otherwise; topics of discussion will include, personal crisis, suicidal ideation and other trauma.

Saying is Believing” – Janine Fleming, Ashland Church (Children’s/Student  Ministry)

Helping students process and articulate their growing faith. Can your students tell you what they really believe? Do they really know?  Based on the thoughts from the book, Saying is Believing: The Necessity of Testimony in Adolescent Development.

From “Interested Person” to a “Great Volunteer”- Christine Graves (Children’s Ministry) Someone says that they would like to help, what are the steps involved in preparing someone for serving in Children’s Ministry? How do you train an interested person into your best volunteer?  (This session is for anyone recruiting and training volunteers)


Leading “Journey” – Jamie Cupshalk, Ashland Church

This session is only open to Ashland Volunteers leading the “Journey” Curriculum this fall.


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