The House of Abraham – June 29, 2014

This morning, we are so happy to welcome our good friends from Haiti, Mimi and Fenel Bruna! This is Mimi’s first trip to the United States, so we are hoping she feels especially welcomed!

As many of you know, Fenel is the founder and director of the House of Abraham (HOA), which is currently home to 13 children. HOPE has partnered closely with HOA over the years, and will send its fifth mission team back to Haiti in March of next year. According to Pastor Rick Court, who leads the teams, Fenel is a man with a vision and a plan, a man with an ever-present smile on his face, even in the midst of adversity and struggle.

The desire of HOA is to “raise up” Haiti’s future leaders. Because the children do not have any parental support, the home and school are responsible for meeting every need of the children living in the center. Fenel and his staff provide healthcare, food, education, clothing, and most importantly, a loving family environment. Because of his vision and the need for leaders in Haiti, Fenel has created a special bank account for each child’s future educational goals. He and HOA are poised and ready to make a difference in Haiti!

In 2013, HOA purchased 8 acres on the side of a mountain with a beautiful view of the city of Jacmel and the Caribbean Sea. With the help of our mission team members who traveled there at that time, HOA was able to complete the first facility on this new property. When the children moved into their new home, for many of them, it was the first real home they ever had.

Since then, each HOPE mission team has helped to complete other outbuildings on the property including a solar power plant, a water tower, a hydroponic cold room which grows feed for the livestock, a school room and a work garage. Soon, dormitories will be built for the children which will free up the main building to be used as housing for future mission teams.

While driving with Fenel in Haiti one day, Pastor Rick asked, “What is your greatest need?” Fenel’s response was both encouraging and challenging. “The greatest need for these children, and for the House of Abraham, is family. When you have family, you are rich. And HOPE is our family. When you have family, you know there is someone who cares for you and who will help in times of trouble. HOPE and HOA are family. You are already meeting our need.”

HOPE’s Family Ministry is another good example of this kind of caring. Every month our children pray weekly for a different child living at HOA with a portion of their tithes going there. They send the children cards and handmade bracelets and gifts. Last year, the kids from HOPE’s Vacation Bible School raised $1,400 for HOA. They will be collecting again at this year’s VBS. “Our kids feel a very strong connection to the children of HOA,” said Christine Graves, HOPE’s Family Ministry Director. “We Skyped with them during last year’s VBS and it was just awesome to see both sets of kids and their reaction to one another.”

The rebuilding of Haiti will take years after the catastrophic earthquake that hit in 2010. HOPE is blessed to be able to play a part in this effort. Our next mission team will go to Haiti in March 2015. Would you consider joining the team? Email Rick Court at for more details.

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