The Respect Dare – Online Study

The Respect Dare— Online Studycomplete

It is often said that our primary needs can be boiled down to two things based on our   gender—love and respect. There are                   research models, real-life examples and biblical basis in determining that often the underlying issues between husband and wife are that the wife does not feel loved and the husband does not feel respected. This, of course, doesn’t mean that we all don’t need both! We do, but often what we see as concern or even at times encouragement can come across as disrespect. Join us as we dive into Nina Roesner’s book, The Respect Dare, and shift the way we look at respect. This eight-week study is facilitated by Jennifer Parks and will begin on Friday, July 14.

Target Audience: Married Women

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If you want more information on the love and respect paradigm feel free to check out this great video by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs:


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