This Year’s Vacation Bible School – July 6, 2014

This Year’s Vacation Bible School

HOPE was rocking at the seams this past week. Over 200 kids from 3 years of age to 5th grade spent each morning in absolute controlled chaos and fun as they experienced some incredible Bible-learning activities. Crafts, team-building games, cool Bible songs and skits, and tasty treats were just a few of the many daily events that helped faith flow into each participant.

To start with, some wonderful and very talented volunteers helped transform HOPE Church into the perfect setting for the Weird Animals: Where Jesus’ Love Is One-of-a-Kind theme. There were jungle trees, ponds (with real fish!) and some very strange species of animals. “The children were asked each day to be on the lookout for God Sightings,” HOPE’s Family Ministry Director, Christine Graves said. “This allowed them to discover that God is active in their lives and that His fingerprints are everywhere.

“The highlight of the week was the personal visit from Fenel and Mimi Bruna all the way from Haiti,” said one VBS volunteer. HOPE Church has partnered over the years with Fenel Bruna who founded and operates the House of Abraham which is home and school to 13 Haitian children. HOPE will send it’s fifth adult mission team to Haiti next year. “It was really amazing when Fenel walked on stage. We thought we were going to Skype with them, as we did last year. But, then, there he was in person. It made a deep and lasting impression on all the kids.” Embracing the valuable lesson of helping others, the children, through daily offerings, raised $2,285 for the House of Abraham.

There’s a “graying” of the church these days across America with fewer children attending than 30 years ago. But here at HOPE, we have been blessed with a veritable baby boom. With each Baptism, we ask for corporate prayer for our HOPE community. VBS, where people share their time, their talent and their resources, is an embodiment of that commitment.
An important and labor-intensive outreach, VBS is geared especially to minister to children who may not attend church. It’s a time to laugh and be silly with kids of all ages and to show them that our loving God is fun. It allows them to receive the message of Christ that is not all about an adult’s world but is all about a community where a loving God and faith includes children.

A big HOPE thank you goes to our 60 plus volunteers and to everyone else who made the week such a huge success!

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”
— Mark 10:14

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