About Tomorrow’s Hope Preschool

Mission Statement:  We provide enriching opportunities to develop your child’s gifts and abilities in a secure, loving, God-centered environment.  We encourage your child’s social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development and nurture each child to their individual best.

Statement of Philosophy:

Tomorrow’s HOPE Preschool believes that children learn through play and supports the idea that the early formative years are crucial to optimum development.  We believe that meaningful learning involves active, firsthand experiences and participation.  Therefore we provide for each child an educational experience designed to help him/her to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  We maintain a program that is child centered and experience based.  We believe that play is a young children’s work and natural way of learning. Above all, we believe that young children need to experience that they are loved, valued and enjoyed.

Administration/Staff:  Tomorrow’s HOPE Preschool is operated under the supervision of a Director and staffed with a teacher and assistant in each class.  The Director and Head Teacher are both certified in early childhood development and/or elementary education, many of our staff both teachers and aides have advanced degrees in education. All classroom teachers have experience teaching preschool.  Continuing education requirements are a priority for all staff members.  Staff members acknowledge that their participation in the life of a child is a privilege and as dedicated teachers and loving caring Christians, we guard this privilege with great care.

Statement of Faith:  We are a ministry of HOPE Church. What is this place called HOPE? Who are we? We’re a group of people who love Jesus… and then try to love Him more. And, we want to share His love with others. We believe that God wants to meet people, and so we meet with Him Sunday after Sunday and often in between, worshiping Him, listening to Him. We also fling open our doors to anyone who wants to know God better. And, we try to tell our friends and neighbors about Jesus, but not in an obnoxious way. The Bible tells us to do this with “gentleness and respect,” so we’re working on that. We are a Methodist Church, and that taps us into a rich tradition of following Jesus. Many of us haven’t been Methodist for very long – many haven’t even been Christian for very long – so we’re still figuring out what it all means. We know grace is very important. We are recipients of God’s grace, big time, and so we have to show the same grace to others. We’re proud of our humility. That’s a joke. The fact is, we love to laugh, often at our own expense. We love children and music and mocha java and dodge ball and new ways of doing old things.  We believe that most people have a deep hunger for God. They may call it something else. They may feed the hunger with some other substance. But there is a longing that only God can fulfill. People want to meet God, and the beautiful coincidence is that God wants to meet people. HOPE Church is a meeting place.

Curriculum:  Tomorrow’s HOPE Preschool uses the Essential Preschool Curriculum. Copies of the curriculum are available for review in the Directors office upon request. This curriculum directly addresses:

  •  Bible teaching:  solid Biblical teaching, concepts are central to and woven into the developmental/cognitive lessons.
  •  Language:  skills necessary for early reading, writing, listening concepts, phonemic awareness, practice identifying and forming letters, words and numbers.
  • Science skills: observing, comparing, classifying, measuring, discussion, reporting and predicting.
  • Social Studies:  geography, history, map reading, cultural awareness, and social studies concepts.
  • Math skills:  Understanding numbers, ordering, ordinality, 1:1 correspondence, counting, shapes, sorting, patterning, grouping, and addition and subtraction concepts.
  • In addition, we implement the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum which focuses on establishing the building blocks for success in handwriting as the children grow.

This program is center based and includes opportunities for the following learning centers:

Art, Blocks/Building, Books, Dramatic Play, Reading and Writing, Math, and Science.  It also provides for outdoor centers including games and activities for guided outdoor play as well as encourages child led play. Additional Centers include can include a Sensory Table and Music and Movement activities.