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Angels May/June Newsletter

May has arrived in all its glory! Warmer weather, green grass, blooming trees and flowers. We have just celebrated the glory of Easter and the promise of new life in our risen Lord.  I love spring. So much promise and lovely weather. I can almost overlook the clouds of dusty pollen!

May is also a bittersweet time.  We love the warming weather and the celebration of our Mothers, but May also signals the end of the preschool year.  We will present our annual Mother’s Day Tea on May 11.  We have prepared some special songs and refreshments for you.   The children are excited to honor their moms!  We will also learn about Jesus returning to heaven, Jonah and Noah this month.  We will continue our exploration of insects as we observe caterpillars growing and changing into a chrysalis and finally a Painted Lady butterfly.  We wrap up May by studying oceans, zoo animals, as well as discuss vacations and summer fun.

All through the year, we explored different themes and concepts. We learned and expanded concepts of letters, sounds and words.  We learned numerals and values, how to make sets, and even a little addition and subtraction.  We learned positional words as well as opposites. We read many, many books as we explored literacy and expanded our vocabulary.  We learned to follow multi-step directions. We exercised our small and large muscles. We sang and learned poems and finger plays.

Our class especially like our Bible time. We learned how much God loves us, and memorized a few verses to hold in our hearts.  We met with the Lions and Sunbeams classes each week and using old time, low tech felt board figures, brought to life time honored Bible truths. The kids were fascinated and looked forward to these meetings each week.  We incorporated the Fruits of the Spirit into each day and we learned to practice kindness, patience, goodness, gentleness, love, joyfulness, faithfulness, and to show self-control. We know that Jesus loves us unconditionally.

The hardest part of this newsletter is that I must tell you that I am going to retire from teaching preschool this June. I have loved every moment and feel privileged to have been a part of Tomorrow’s Hope Preschool since its beginning 10 years ago.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to be your child’s teacher this past year! Your children are resilient, lovely, bright, funny, kind, loving, sometimes challenging, and always amazing!  I have loved every minute with them, and I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be their teacher!


Dates to Remember:

May 6, The Art of Breakfast – Art Show, Breakfast and Basket Raffle 8:30- 10:00 tickets available at

May 11, Mother’s Day Tea 10:30 Room 104

May 22, Staff Meeting, No Lunch Buddies

May 26, Park Day

May 29, No school, Memorial Day

June 2, Closing Ceremonies