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Kindergarten May/June Newsletter

It is so hard to believe, we’ve come this far! You’re little kindergartener has grown so much. We still remember that day…the first day of school. We are so proud of all of their accomplishments! Here is a look at the month ahead…


Planting/Flowers, Mother’s Day, Dinosaurs, Ocean

Bible Stories and Verses

Jesus Walks on Water, Fish and Loaves

“Her children stand and bless her…” Proverbs 31:28


We have come so far with our reading skills. We have been taking different strategies and applying them to each page of our books. This month, we will learn to “check our reading” to make sure it makes sense. Do the words on the page sound right? Do they look right? If not, we need to go back, reread them, and fix them. Now that we are reading more challenging books, we have to use more of our “super reading powers” like, picture power or snap words to help us tackle these books. Just like the story becomes more involved, so do the pictures and words. We need to rely on using the “whole” picture to help us with some words on the page.

We also will be moving from pattern books to more “story” type books. Again, using our different reading powers to help us when that familiar pattern is no longer there. Here we can rely on some of our sight (snap or popcorn) words to help us. We will also use our predictions to help us with more “story” like books. This month we will do more independent, guided and partner reading to help gain more super reading powers!

Word Study

This month we will review more short vowel words (CVC words: consonant/vowel/consonant), we will continue  to talk about Magic e (“the’s boss of me!”)…where silent e makes the vowel in the word “say it’s name.” We will also briefly touch upon contractions and compound words.


The story writing that has been going on in our class is amazing! We have been applying so many new skills to our writing that our stories keep getting better and better! We have been working real hard at making our  stories “readable” to not only ourselves but the other readers. Using proper spacing and writing all of the sounds we hear in each word is just a few of the things we have been doing to help us get our story ideas clearly across to the reader. A recent study has shown that “inventive spelling” has been proven to help new readers become strong readers in the sense that they heavily rely on their phonetic awareness of letter sounds to help with their writing skills. This in turn helps them to be able to go back and reread their writing, gaining stronger reading skills in the end. So, don’t be afraid to tell your kindergartner to “try your best to sound out the word” the next time they ask you for help spelling something!! You are creating a strong reader and writer!

This month we will continue to enforce spacing words, incorporating more sight words, punctuation, and writing focused narratives on real life events.


This month we will wrap up our study of addition problem solving and focus on subtraction. We will start with “take away” and then work our way up to using the minus symbol in our subtraction equation. We will also be practicing different ways to measure objects, specifically with a ruler. We will use one inch cubes to help measure objects and then transition over to a ruler to help show how we can calculate measurement. We will also be practicing counting by 2’s, just because counting by 5’s and 10’s has become just so easy for us! We continue to count coins at calendar time as well…pennies, nickels and dimes. We even know about quarters and dollar bills!


We will finish our study on planting and flowers. Hopefully our greenhouses will sprout a lima bean plant! We did two experiments…one in a “greenhouse” type environment (using a clear plastic bag against the window) which included two pre-soaked lima beans and two damp cotton balls. The other experiment contained two pre-soaked lima beans planted in soil. We have been keeping a planting journal to see if one or both will sprout! This month, we will also learn about dinosaurs and ocean life.

Social Studies

This month is a very special month because we will honor our moms with a special “Muffins with Mom” tea in our room. For all that our moms do for us, this is our way to say thank you! Please keep a look out for the invite to be coming home with your kindergartner, early May.


We will finish learning to write lowercase letters and continue to focus on using them when we write. We will also be practicing using lined paper more, so we are ready for first grade!

Dates to Remember…

Saturday, May 6, 8:30 am…The Art of Breakfast

Friday, May 12, 11-12pm…Mother’s Day Tea, Room 108 (please, no siblings)

Friday, May 26….Park Day at Evesham Memorial Park

Monday, May 29…Memorial Day, School is closed

Looking ahead…our Kindergarten Closing Ceremonies will be held on Friday, June 9. More info to follow as we get closer but all are welcome to attend!

Thank you for this incredible journey with you and your child. Each child has become a special part of our hearts. We have enjoyed watching each blooming moment! Your kindergartner has worked so very hard this year!!

Many Blessings…

Ms. Suzanne & Ms. Margie