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  Kindergarten October Newsletter

Welcome Fall! We’ve had a great first month here in kindergarten. We are getting to know one another, reviewing our colors, shapes, alphabet and numbers. We are even learning some pre-reading and writing skills.

Bible Verses/Stories

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other.” Ephesians 4:32

“But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

We will continue to talk about the importance of talking to God through prayer and how that builds our relationship with Him.

Themes for the month of October:


Community Helpers

Fire Safety


My Family & Home


We are learning the mechanics of the reading workshop. We have many great stories we will be reading this month such as Miss Nelson is Missing, Barnyard Banter and The Napping House . We also will be reading some classics such as The Three Little Pigs and talking about story sequencing. In addition to group discussions and activities with these great works, we will start to do some independent reading each day. We will “shop” for books in our class library then we will all sit quietly while we enjoy reading our books. The love of reading is our main goal. On Friday’s, we will write in our Reading Journals. These journals will help us improve our comprehension skills, while gaining a connection to the story. We read a story together or talk about one we have read during the week. The children have a question or idea they need to draw/write about, pertaining to that story.

Word Study

We will continue to practice beginning alphabet sounds then possibly start same vowel word families (ex.: at, an and ad word families) by the end of the month. We are starting to make the connection between sight words: where and when they are used in stories and writing. The class will continue to receive a new set each week for homework. Keep up the good work on practicing with them! In addition to sight words, we will learn how to read and spell color, shape and number words. These words will help enhance sentence/story writing.


Story writing is going to be new to our class this month. We will start the pre-writing process by thinking of an idea and drawing it on paper. Good authors think, draw and write! We will start to label our drawings as well, even if it’s with one letter. The writing process will constantly be evolving. But first, we will discuss topics we can write about, stamina (working the entire time) and learning to celebrate our work, as well as our classmates’ works at the end of the lesson.


We have started using our math workbooks and getting the routine down. We have talked about different “counting strategies” to help ensure success when counting. We are really awesome at it! We will continue enforcing number recognition, 1:1 correspondence and patterns. Reading and writing numbers 1-5 will start our month. We will also learn how to recognize amounts up to 5 in different arrangements, using different counting manipulatives. We will end the month by learning different ways to make “5.”


We have started the handwriting process by listening to some silly songs and doing some fun exercises with our hands. Remembering to start at the top when writing our letters is challenging but key. We also have been practicing our right vs. left hand. I’m sure you all have heard the funny song we act out, “Hi, My Name is Joe…” It’s a daily favorite! We are focusing now on pencil/crayon grip. During this month we will move into the workbooks and start letter writing.


Fall is one of my favorite times of year. So many things to learn about! We will talk about the weather changes. We will sort & group leaves. We will talk about farm animals as well. We will incorporate foundational skills and creative artwork into these topics as well.

Social Studies

Community Helpers and Families will be studied this month, along with fire safety. We will read many books together to cover these topics, again reinforcing important reading, writing and math skills.

Show and Tell

In October we will start Show and Tell. Your child will be assigned a day…please check their homework folder for this slip: ”_______ has Show and Tell tomorrow! Please bring in an item or “thought” to share!” Your child is welcome to bring in any small item of their choice (NO toy weapons of any kind) or they can share a thought (talk about something they did over the weekend or something coming up they are excited about, etc!)

Dates to Remember…

Monday, October 2…Back to School Night 6:30-7:30pm (no children please)

Monday, October 9…Johnson’s Farm Trip

Monday, October 16…Exercise/Gym Class: please dress your child accordingly

Please note…while Halloween is a fun holiday, we do not celebrate it in school. Kindly, do not dress your child in a costume. Thank you!

We are having a blast getting to know and teach your little loves. Thank you for this awesome experience! We have seen so much growth in them in such a short time. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

Many Blessing,

Ms. Suzanne & Ms. Margie