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  Kindergarten December Newsletter

Thank you to everyone for all of your help and contributions to our International Feast! Everyone’s meals were so delicious…I appreciate you all taking the time during this busy time of year to be part of such a fun event for our class. Also, thank you for working with your children on memorizing their lines for our play. They did a spectacular job…I have never been more proud!!

Bible Verses/Stories

The story of Baby Jesus

“For unto us, a child is born.” Isaiah 9:6

Themes for the Month

Gingerbread Stories, Christmas


We have quite a bunch of book lovers in our class!! I love watching their faces while I read to them. They are so engaged in the story and picking up every detail. These are exceptional foundational reading skills. This month, we will continue to reinforce story connecting words such as first, next, last, once upon a time, etc. This helps us sequence the story. We have been reading some of our books two, three or more times to help become familiar with text, patterns, fluency and retelling. It also helps us “fall in love” with the book. We have been coming along nicely with story journals and extending the text to add our own version of what would happen next in the story if we were the author. We have been reading some simple sight word books…reinforcing concepts of print (reading books front to back, top to bottom, left to right). We have been practicing following the story on each page with a single finger under each word. We point to each word as we say them. Please model and encourage your child to do the same when you are reading together at home.

Word Study

We will continue to practice sight words and also some thematic words about the Christmas season. We are moving along nicely with word families. We started with -at, -an, -ad, -ap & -ag families. This month we will practice -op, -ot & -og word families. We start out reading a funny book using the group of words (essentially, rhyming words). We then work in groups using our very favorite,”letter necklaces,” to spell words. We also make a fun craft and sort words/pictures to reinforce the skill.


Our writing skills are blossoming quite nicely here in our kindergarten class! We have been writing stories together as a group and on our own as well. We are now writing “booklets.” Why save the whole story for one page when we can have multiple pages! This will eventually help us to recognize the beginning, middle and end of our stories. We are doing a great job stretching our words and now of course, stretching our stories! We are getting the process down, as well. As authors, we first brainstorm an idea, “draw” the story, then write a sentence to tell about what we have drawn. We are saying each sound to each word and writing down what we hear. When we get stuck, “we do the best we can and keep going!” When we write our sentence and get to the end of the line, we do a “return sweep” to the next line. This helps to keep the flow of the story going and keep the sequence in check.


We will pick up where we left off: different ways of making 5. Essentially, this is the beginning stages of addition. We are counting up to five: recognizing differences and comparing groups. Soon we will learn about groups that have the same, less or more. On Fridays, we will do some fun projects/activities to celebrate Christmas and reinforce some foundational math skills such as measuring & geometric shapes.

Social Studies

During this month, we will talk about family traditions. If your family has anything (pictures, items, stories, etc.) that your child would like to share with the class, we would love to see and hear about it!


We will learn to write letters: C, O, Q, G, S, A

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, December 7…Report Cards will be issued.

Friday, December 8…Conferences in Room 101.

Sunday, December 17…Christmas Program (please arrive to the Activity Space no later than 10:15 am; more info to follow).

Monday, December 18…Gym Class: Please dress your child accordingly.

Wednesday, December 20…Class Christmas Party

Thursday, December 21…½ Day..No lunch today; last day of school before Christmas Break.

Tuesday, January 2…School back in session.

May you and your family have a blessed holiday season!

Ms. Suzanne & Ms. Margie