Mrs. Christy Appello Lions’ Lead Teacher


Christy Appello joined the staff of Tomorrow’s HOPE in 2016.  She holds a BS degree and certification in Music Education.  She taught for over 11 years in the Cherry Hill school district and has been an instructor for numerous classes/camps for young children throughout her career.  Christy is currently the Director of Children’s Music at HOPE, working with Kids of HOPE, HOPE Youth Singers, VBS, and Summer Music/Drama Camp.

Christy is married to Frank since 2000 and they have two daughters.  Her family was involved with Tomorrow’s HOPE from the very beginning, with both girls attending preschool and kindergarten.  Christy feels blessed to now be a part of the staff that was instrumental in giving her kids a great start.  As a teacher, she loves that each day is a new adventure that she and her students are lucky to share