Mrs. Donna Park – Kindergarten Teacher

donna1-150x150I have been teaching for eight years, children from 2 year olds- 1st grade.  I have my BA in History from Rutgers College.  I have a Master’s in Elementary Education from Rutgers.  And a Master’s in Reading/Writing/Literacy from University of Pennsylvania.  I was born and raised in South Jersey and currently live here with my husband, Steve and 3 sons- Timothy, Joshua and Samuel.  Teaching at Hope is like a breath of fresh air.  I love the community of teachers, parents and children.  It is a wonderful place to teach and send your children (as I have done both).  Being able to teach children in the Lord is a blessing that is irreplaceable.  And the encouragement and love that is passed from our director on down is something truly special.  I am blessed to teach here.