About The Meeting Place Copy

The Meeting Place at the corner of HOPE

HOPE's Facilities Coordinator, Erica DePalma

HOPE’s Facilities Coordinator, Erica DePalma

The Meeting Place is available for community groups and organizations to use on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our HOPE Cares coordinator Erica DePalma for more information. Or, you can telephone her at 856.375.7988.

Here’s Our Charter …

The newest addition to our campus, The Meeting Place, was provided to us by God, and in this era of our ministry, it is our conviction that the way it will serve Kingdom purposes best is by being used to bless the greater Voorhees area (Matthew 5:14-16)

While the specifics will evolve during the next few years, the parameters for how we envision this facility being a blessing will include but not be limited to:

A place where someone from the broader community can come to experience the hospitality and compassion of an authentic Christian community in a nonthreatening way

A place where recovery and wholeness are supported and encouraged

A place where professional caregivers, gifted volunteers and subject-matter experts will provide guidance and care for our neighbors in need

A place where prayer is understood to be a central part of physical, emotional and relational healing

A place where creativity, education and art will find expression

A place where spiritual seekers will be offered opportunities (both formal and informal) to find a faith in Jesus Christ that is personal and profound