Walk 15 Daly

walk15-1Is starting a new exercise program on your agenda, but not sure where to start?  Try out Walk Live right here at HOPE!  The class has being going strong for over four years. Why?  Because walking (and other great low impact cardio) WORKS.  It works to help weight loss, lower blood pressure, improve mood, and all sorts of other wonderful things!  Even better, this terrific group of ladies has become a small group who focuses on each other. Class usually starts with a lot of chatter as people meet and greet, fellowship and support.  Once we really get started, though, expect to sweat!  Basic moves include walking in place, knee lifts, kicks and side steps. But we also incorporate lots more easy-to-follow moves. 

The group is led by Dorothy Daly (certified by Leslie Sansone).  This fun, full body workout can be adapted to any level of fitness.  Every class also ends with a bonus strength session to help keep those muscles strong.

No equipment needed!  First class is free, then you can buy a 10 class card at a savings ($35.00*), or pay as you go ($5.00/class).  Join us ANY Thursday at 6:30pm in the multipurpose room at HOPE.  Class includes a weekly email from Dorothy to keep you connected on both a fitness and spiritual level.   

Contact Dorothy for more details about the class, or just show up with your sneakers on!   

*Payment can be made by cash, check (payable to HOPEUMC) or by clicking here.

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