WAWA Hoagie Fundraiser!

Sell Wawa hoagie coupons for $4 a piece (that’s 29 cents cheaper than the hoagie costs in the store) and earn $1 toward your mission trip for every hoagie coupon you sell. Please return forms with payment for the coupons to the mailbox marked:

“Beth Cribben-Fundraising Coordinator” next to the copiers in the office no later than May 1, 2016. The order will be placed on May 2 and coupons should be delivered by May 15.

Once you order the coupons they are yours, you can not return any that you were not able to sell. If you want to take orders and collect money before you commit to the coupons, you can use the form on the back of this sheet to keep track of your orders.

Download a form HERE!

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