WE – Welcome Everyone

Imagine two, longtime enemies (think Hatfields and McCoys) receiving a letter from the federal government telling them that they are no longer to consider themselves enemies. From now on, they are to view each other as family and not the kind of family you avoid as much as possible either. They are to live together, care for one another and share their things.
In a very real way, this is what the letter to the Ephesians was to the Jews and Gentiles. These long-standing adversaries are now being informed by God (through the Apostle Paul) that through Jesus Christ they are no longer enemies, they are all part of God’s family. The implications were profound then and remain so for us today.
Join us for this series as we consider what it means to go from an Us and Them mindset to WE.

Sundays, May 29 – June 26

9 & 10:30am

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