Our Virtues

Love – Seems obvious and basic. It is — and is NOT easy. We are all different and those differences can easily become annoyances and irritations that create friction. Love calls us to address those differences with respect, gentleness and openness.

Faithfulness – We are always evolving and updating our approach to ministry and worship in order to help people connect their faith to the rest of their life. For that reason, creativity and innovation are important to us. However, the Word of God is eternal and unchanging. It is our responsibility to teach God’s truth as fully and accurately as possible.

Joy – One of the marks of a life of faith in Jesus is “a profound sense of well-being regardless of the circumstances.” When joy is unleashed, there is a whimsical ease with a person and a community.

Humility – Understanding that I am no better than or lower than any other person. We are all equal before a holy and eternal God. In a “me first” culture, this is a radical message and it is inspiring to see it in action. One of our leadership adages here is, “if you aren’t willing to serve, you’re not ready to lead.” Jesus’ leadership was rooted in His humility and a servant’s heart.

Generosity – Life is a gift from God. All the “stuff” of life is part of the package. Our time, talents/abilities, money, material possessions are all a gift. We are stewards or care takers of the resources from the perspective of how they can be used to bless, encourage and support others. True generosity is never the result of pressure, manipulation or guilt. It is the result of love for God and others.