Where Are Your Stained Glass Windows and Pipe Organ?

This is a question we routinely received in the early days of HOPE Church. Throughout history, Christians have used stained glass windows along with other technology of the day to help communicate the Gospel. Architecture, sculpture, paintings, as well as pianos, pipe and electronic organs and hymnals were all used to deliver the Good News. Here at HOPE, we’re more the projector and screen type of worshippers. The advent of television made it possible for generations of us to relate to what’s happening on a screen. And interacting with a screen is now as basic as reading a newspaper or talking on a telephone.
For the past 15 years, HOPE has seen worship services enhanced through the use of this important technology. Back in 2003, when we started using a projector and screen in worship, the average television set was a square, heavy cube. Technology has grown and improved. Flat screens, high-definition videos and graphics make our current equipment woefully unsupportable.
The blessing is we already have received significant funding to purchase the new visual arts system. The screen will be made from a high-contrast material, making the graphics much larger, brighter and clearer. The projector will go from 6,000 lumens to 10,000 lumens. (A lumen is a measurement of brightness.) The difference will be amazing!
This new screen and projector will help us tell the story of our faith more effectively and creatively. We hope to have it installed within the first two weeks of September.
Here’s how you can contribute to this very important project. We ask that you prayerfully consider making a one-time online gift by going to or bring a check or cash with you on Sunday. Checks should be made out to HOPE Church and in the memo line, simply write the word “projector.” Cash donations should be put in a marked envelope with our thanks. (There are envelopes in the lobby for this purpose.)
This new technology — like the technologies of generations past — can help awaken our souls to God … to praise Him … And, to be inspired in Him.
Your support will make a difference!

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