Yard Sale!!!

Wondering where you can bring your junk, err quality yard sale items?  Why not donate them to the Youth Ministry!?!?!  We are having a huge Hope yard sale on Saturday, June 6th.  Anything we (the youth ministry) sell at our table, will go towards our youth mission trips.

Please feel free to drop off your donations starting this Sunday after worship. We will be collecting them in the fishbowl (the room on the right side of the lobby) from Sunday until the following Friday.

We have been so thankful and grateful for all the donations we have received in the past.  Last year, we sold over $2000 worth of junk, quality yard sale items!  Thanks for all your support!

Don’t forget to come by Saturday, June 6th and do some shopping.  We will also have a food stand with coffee and muffins for breakfast and hot dogs, chips, soft pretzels, sodas, water and gatorade for late morning and lunch!

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