Youth Mission Trips

“This mission trip was one of the best weeks of my life!” 

~A yearly comment made by students

Screenshot 2014-10-16 15.46.53HOPE Church has become more and more aware of the need to serve globally in the world today.  While God implements us for incredible things here in our hometowns, we are also to be Salt and Light around the world.  For this reason, HOPE’s Youth Ministry has incorporated annual mission trips for both Middle and High School students.  Each summer, over 100 students and leaders have the chance to travel for a week in order to serve the impoverished, the under-privileged, the elderly, the handicapped, and those that can’t help themselves.  Though this is the platform for where we go, the greatest priority for these trips is the impact it has on our students.  The lives that are effected the most because of these trips are usually the students.  Students come home from these trips knowing God more and desiring to serve Him more.  A student IMG_2929who decides to pursue God with their life has a far greater impact on others than building a wheelchair ramp for an elderly person.

It would seem that wielding heavy power tools (under adult supervision of course) with skill and ease would be the most impressive thing to see in students during these weeks. But, witnessing the incredibly mature and Christ-like attitudes that are so common on these trips is far greater. These yearly adventures along the east coast are one of the greatest ways which we get to serve others and grow together as we try to be Salt and Light in the world. Rest assured that students will have tons of fun, make new and lasting friends, and learn things about working, yourself and the God we serve.  These trips have imagethe making to be titled “One of the best weeks in my life!”

Keep your eyes peeled in the Fall for the registration form and detailed information.  Registrations are usually due by early Spring.  For the exact dates of the mission trips, for the upcoming summer you can check out our calendar.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Dave Falcone, Pastor of Youth Ministrieshstrip