As the Fog Clears

Awaking to the sound of the morning, the curtains draw back to display a sea of tiny droplets of water so tight and close that the view of the neighbour’s yard is almost hidden. What is this thing we call fog? How does it affect our lives?

It draws a blanket over our world, an air of closure where to even see the end of your driveway you would almost have to push through like parting the desert brush. It causes a blindness that will only give way in its own time.

It blurs the vision, clouds the mind and for some causes a panic that can’t be explained. Tightness, the unknown, the loss of vision creep fear into the very depths of your soul.

It is likened to seeing just the very corner of a picture and slowly as you move along one small piece at a time begins to reveal itself. You walk cautiously and steadily along feeling your way through the dark tightness that surrounds you. The strands of light begin to break through as the scene begins to unfold.

The reveal is slow and steady moving along seemingly at a snail’s pace. Quicker!  We need it to move spontaneously, to lift as quickly as it fell, to show us the which way but alas the wait continues.

Piece by piece the picture is making its way to the light, the story is beginning to come to life. The gripping tenseness that you were feeling gently eases away albeit much slower than you would wish.

You take a step back and glance at the ground you have covered. It is small yet an accomplishment none the less.

Suddenly a hand reaches down through the air to hold you, guide you, and a voice says, “All in due time”.

You step once more toward the cloudy void in front of you, more confident than before and you move forward. The fog is lifting, you are beginning to see more clearly.

Things are coming in to view now, the wait is not as agonizing as it at first seemed. Along the way you have learned a few lessons, how to steady your feet, how to rely on that hand that is holding yours, what trust really means and truly what letting go of control really means.

Has it been easy, oh not in the slightest, there have been constant struggles, internal battles, a sense that it will never ever end. At times the grip on that hand has been intense, other times there has almost felt like it was not even there!

Suddenly the most glorious light begins to appear, small strands of it at first, streaking through to reveal marvellous colours wherever the light touches. The entire corner of your picture is appearing in its fullness. Amazed and dazzled you continue forward in this unknown journey.

The fog, the light, the fog, the light! A battle rages around you but the light is truly becoming the victor. The hand that was holding you is still there, as tight as it was at the beginning of this journey but it’s different. The need for it is has changed, security, love, hope, an overall sense of peace has overtaken the fear, the hurt, the frustration, the anger. Like day and night.

Glancing around you the light has dawned on the most beautiful scenery you can behold. The colours that were once just a dark shade of grey that blended into the fog. Clearly marked shapes have sharpened the view from the fuzzy, blurry unexplained objects in the dark. You can see the road in which you have taken, set out for you since before the beginning of time. The light is truly overwhelming the darkness.

As you step forward your stride is more confident, you are led by the hand that has been your continuous companion, the struggle that you at first felt has melted away with the fog almost as if the darkness consumed it. Your fear has turned into a bold new confidence and a determination to move forward despite the presence of the remaining grey view. You know you can do it!

So many feelings have changed during this expedition, a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly whose wings are slowly unfurling, exhilarated and ready to fly.

Finally, the fog is only stealing away the one remaining corner of the picture, it has been a long ride, hills or truthfully extremely tall mountains that just scraped the sky. The dips and lulls of the valleys. Dead ends, yield signs and of course the stopping and waiting. The waiting seemed so endless, unfruitful, even boring at times. You are here.

Stunning and completely awe inspiring. The picture is complete, it’s fantastic, the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Your mind can not even form words to describe this. The fog that once reigned over the entire picture has been broken through, the light has dawned and spread itself across your world with more love than you dreamed imaginable.  You stand back… take a deep breath… and admire.

It was a journey indeed, so indescribable, breathtakingly beautiful and one like no other.

The hand that was holding yours is gone but you see something up ahead that draws you in a light like no other you have seen on this journey, you can’t help but feel the love exuding from it. You walk at a steady pace but then pick up a run, maybe even fly. It all becomes clearer. You made it, you are finally home.

Run, run in to the arms that are waiting and the voice that says “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Well done!”

-Vicky Olson

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