The Busiest Time of the Year

It’s hard to believe that Christmastime is here already.   Time usually flies when you’re having fun – or even if you’re not!  As a mom of 2 active teens, a wife to my husband I lovingly call “Tigger” because he is so busy, and as a grad student and part time social worker, I am stretched thin this holiday season.  To be honest, I am getting a sick feeling to my stomach just thinking about all that I want to do in preparation of Christmas.   House decorating (of course, it’d be really great if the house was clean for it), gift shopping and wrapping, Christmas cards, cookie baking, friends and family visits…all while our normal busy schedule goes along as usual.   How will it all get done?

 I bet you can relate.  So what are we to do while we are running around and stressed in the chaos, overwhelmed with our to-do lists?  Where is Christ this holiday season, the One for whom all of the celebration is for?   He’s right here.   Sometimes when I am overwhelmed, I feel Him near, whispering to me to calm down.  This is something I am so thankful for – to feel Christ’s love, as He graciously reminds me to breathe and focus.  My busy life goes on, but there is great peace in simply sitting in God’s presence, thanking Him for this day and all He provides for us.  What comfort that is, knowing He is before me to lead, beside me as my friend, behind me as my saving grace, and within me as deep Love and encouragement in my heart.   This is true peace. 

I can’t change my to-do list, and I don’t want to.  Sure I’d like a little more rest but my life is busy because it is blessed.  This Christmas season I know I will have some late nights wrapping or baking, and my Christmas cards may end up getting out just in time for New Year’s.  But within it all, the peace of Christ and how very much He loves me, is there.   I pray you too have a wonderful month as you prepare for Christmas with friends and family. 

  • Brynn Gutelius

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