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A New Sunday Morning Message Series

The Power of a Dream

What drives you forward? What is on the horizon? What are you organizing your life around? There is power in a dream.

Dreams are not just the nightly thoughts you experience as your brain sorts through the previous day's events. Dreams are goals and visions that excite your heart and fill your soul. Dreams are visions of what you want your life to be. And, for Christ followers, dreams often do not originate with you. God has designed each of us to have dreams; and God puts those dreams in our hearts and minds. God is the source of your dream.


Now, not every dream is from God, but when your dream is God's dream, it's unstoppable.


Using the Old Testament story of Joseph, we will discover the power of a dream. We will see how to live a life of clarity, focus, and courage. Discover the power of forgiveness and integrity. And, we'll see the power of a dream is always for the sake of others!

Sundays, beginning May 27

9 & 10:30am Voorhees Campus

10:30am Mount Laurel Campus

Visitors expected!