Equip Conference

We believe that the local church has a vital role to play in advancing the Kingdom of God! And when the local church is functioning at it’s best, it not only transforms the lives of those who walk through its doors but its impact can be felt far and wide.

The Equip Conference was created from a deep passion to help local churches to function at their best. We partner with a variety of denominations to provide opportunities for learning and planning with your church teams. Regardless of denomination, race or creed we have so much to learn from each other and a common goal of sharing Jesus Christ with world.

Some of last year’s breakouts :

5 Must Haves in Youth Ministry


Effective Communication Strategies

Real Life When you are Leading

From Living Room to Lobby:  Creating Connections That Feel Like Home

An Introduction to Manuscript Bible Study

Leading While Wounded

Building a Community that Cares

Empowering Kids to a Lasting Faith

Dealing with Difficult Personalities

Using Social Media Effectively

How to Grow While you Lead 

Equip Leadership Training

What is this Equip thing anyway?

Equip was created first as a way to continue to train our leaders and volunteers.  We looked around and realized that for us to continue to grow, and to grow well (in-depth and personal growth as well as numbers), we needed to focus on intentional leadership.  As we dove into and began to share our experiences with other local churches, it became abundantly clear that the need for strong and intentional leadership is prevalent throughout the local church. And so Equip was born. Passionately investing in leaders, training volunteers and sharing experiences so we can be our best for the Kingdom of God.

Why should we listen to you guys?

Many new leaders will ask a veteran leader for advice on how to avoid making mistakes as a leader. Inevitably, the answer is through experience. And, of course that experience is gained by making mistakes!

Jeff and Heather have combined over 50 years of leadership experience and their desire is to use that experience to help others. Both Jeff and Heather have made leadership a primary field of study, not only learning from experts across numerous fields, but through hands-on experience as well. Jeff Bills is the founding and lead pastor of HOPE United Methodist Church and Heather is their Director of Small Groups. From 2005 through 2016 HOPE increased average attendance 65% from an average of 395 worshipers per week to 654 worshipers per week.  Among United Methodist Churches HOPE currently ranks:

·        Top 10 in the Northeast Jurisdiction and top 5 in Greater NJ in average attendance

·        Top 10 in the Northeast Jurisdiction and top 5 in Greater NJ in professions of faith

HOPE is always striving to be a vital church and typically HOPE has between 35 – 45 small groups running at any given time with over 500 different participants.  They are currently praying and researching becoming a multi-campus church.

·        Top 3 in the Northeast Jurisdiction and No 1 in Greater NJ in Small Groups Participation

·        Top 25 in the NE Jurisdiction and top 10 in Greater NJ in Offering Received

*All statistics are according to the United Methodist Church’s VitalSigns Group database, from 1/20/2016 to 3/16/2017

Taking seriously, the United Methodist charge to “ReThink Church”  HOPE currently sends 95-100 people on youth mission trips each year around the state and the eastern part of the nation. In addition, HOPE has sent mission trips of 14 -23 people to Haiti for seven years and Cuba for four years in a row.

The reality is we all need to learn from each other and we are looking forward from learning from you as well!

Leadership In Action

There is a ton of great leadership stuff out there. But, so often it can be hard to relate to the mega churches or huge corporations. We want to know what leadership looks like right here in our own backyards; in the small church that is struggling to grow, in the medium-sized church poised to reach out to the community, or in those churches that feel like they are fighting an uphill battle where nothing seems to change. Our goal is to share real-life leadership insights, the ones often learned the hard way, in applicable ways. We’ll also share answers to some of the questions we get asked most frequently. But, this isn’t a one-way dialogue.

We want to hear from you, so feel free to drop us an email anytime!