Finding HOPE - Diversity in Nature

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There is a big difference between following an organized religion and believing that the wonder of nature and evolution is more than just an accident.  Just like engineers can marvel at a very well-designed machine, farmers must marvel at how intricately nature comes together.


You just can't farm in one dimension.  If you just focus on the soil or the crop or the weather or the insects nothing good will result.  It all happens in a very sophisticated concert.  Every facet is another note that has to be struck at precisely the right time.


Ironically as I was preparing the fall, Finding Hope series, I learned about two active farms.  Apricot Lane Farms  in California  and B & B Farms in Galloway NJ.  The first farm was the subject of the summer  2019 movie  The Biggest Little Farm.    I have slightly more intimacy with the second farm since my son and daughter in law are members of their community share program, and my son worked there part time in 2019.  Before you read any further, know that I am not trying to advertise either business,  although it is worth your time to check out their websites.  In learning the stories behind each farm, I see the Hand of God and Find Hope.  Finding Hope in real life is the mission of this blog.


Both farms depend on the delicate balance of man, nature, machines and weather.  They believe in the concept of organic, natural, old style farming as much as humanly possible.  Both farms incorporate, workers, volunteers and the community in their business with the goal of educating the public regarding the interdependence of life.


Whatever your view of the origin of this planet, once you really know how interdependent animals, plants and insects are on each other; once you see the incredible beauty and diversity of nature, it's impossible not to be inspired by nature and the humans who are participants in this harmony of life.


Farming as demonstrated in these two places gives me hope.  It supports my faith in my fellow man.  It supports my belief in the grand design of life itself.  Take some time to support your local farmer.  He/she is following God's command to care for the earth and leave this planet a better place.


Jim Randazzo

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