Finding Hope - Joanne

Joanne is a woman who has believed in God, country and family since she was a little girl.  A devout Catholic, Joanne lived her faith and did everything right.  Her career as a nurse, her marriage and family were all successful.  Although a working mother, she found time to serve her church and community.  She lived her life as a model for others and her fulfillment of God’s great command to love.

I’m sure Joanne, a Pennsylvanian, had mixed emotions when she learned her son, David took a job as a science teacher and coach in South Jersey.  She accepted that love doesn’t have distance or time boundaries.  Then the unthinkable happened, David was diagnosed with cancer.  During the time period of testing and medical options, Joanne knew when optimism was fading and, in the spring of 2003, David succumbed to this terrible disease.

Outliving your children isn’t natural and is life altering.  People try to help but sometimes don’t know what to say and tend to avoid.  Joanne turned to her faith.  She had her time of mourning, but sooner than later sprung back into action with her church and community service.

Did God abandon her?  Of course not.  God has blessed Joanne with 11 grandchildren and walked with her extended family through trials often encountered by folks trying to conceive.  Joanne’s life has been full and growing.  Does the pain of loss ever pass?  I think not, but to counter the pain Joanne keeps David’s memory alive with action and prayer.  Her life has been a study in love and faith.  It should give all of us hope and demonstrate the power of living one’s faith.

 - Jim Randazzo

Finding Hope within a Community of Faith

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Never give up on God even when it seems hopeless