Finding Hope - Linda

Linda was born in Germany and despite a language difference, fell in love with an American soldier.  They married and eventually moved back to his home state of Georgia. Their love lasted for over 30 plus years and produced a daughter.  Unfortunately, Linda’s husband was called to heaven at age 59.

Still too young to retire, Linda continued working in the food service industry on Jekyll Island.  She said that she’s been serving on the island for over 20 years.  She loved the work but had to take on two different jobs in order to earn a full week’s pay.  One night when driving home on a dark road, she fell asleep at the wheel and hit a pole head on at 50 mph.  The witness said he never saw brake lights and her car flipped three times, came to a stop upside down and split into pieces.

Linda survived but faced years of physical therapy.  She lived with her daughter, son in law and grandchildren while she recuperated, and told how much of a task master, her daughter became.  “She made me cry, but also won’t allow me to give up.”

With her trach tube in for seven months she was voiceless.  She was warned that her voice box was damaged and may be voiceless for life.  Someone suggested a surgical specialist in Augusta, Ga, about 200 miles away.  It was there she found hope.

Her surgeon asked at her bedside, “Are you scared?”  She nodded, yes.  He raised his two hands high and said, “God gave me these two hands to help you.  Have faith.”   When Linda was awakened after the surgery the surgeon asked her how she was feeling.  She doesn’t remember her exact words, but when she heard her own voice, tears flowed.

When God isn’t done with you, you can’t give up.  Your work isn’t done yet.  Linda’s daughter knew that as she pushed her through her physical therapy.  Linda’s employer knew that and offered her hope by holding her job.  Linda’s surgeon surely knew that.  All they had to do is convince Linda to live.

I have no idea what God’s purpose for Linda was beyond getting back on her feet, going back to work and interacting with her family.  But I do know He put her in my path.  I would have never met her if a shower didn’t divert my beach walk into her coffee shop.  And now I’ve shared her good news with you.  Your job is simple.

 Know that with faith and love, hope is always part of that trilogy.  All you need to do is believe.

 - Jim Randazzo

Finding Hope within a Community of Faith

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Never give up on God even when it seems hopeless