Finding Hope - Jeffery and Adam

Jeffrey was enjoying poolside on a beautiful day, fully noticeable in an American flag swimsuit.  He offered to share some of his umbrella shade with some elderly folks who were fearful of sunburn.  Not wanting to get fried on warm Georgian sun, they readily accepted.

Later that morning, Jeffrey and his wife were swimming near Barbara and me when they asked about Laura.  Some folks stare but are timid in engaging. He came right out and said, “My best friend’s name is Adam, and he has Down’s Syndrome.”

Over the course of fifteen minutes we compared similarities and differences between Adam and Laura.   There were more similarities and all of them were good traits.  At one point the man (Jeffrey) said “if everyone could be like Adam…have his positive, friendly demeanor…the world would be a better place.”   We have said the same about Laura over the years.

There was a major difference between Adam and Laura.  Adam’s brother drives in the NASCAR circuit and Adam is at every race.  Jeffrey told us of an ESPN clip about the two brothers

  Press Here for You Tube Video  Trust me it’s well worth the five minutes to watch. (should the link not work, just search  NASCAR driver  David Ragan and his brother Adam.)

There were so many touching stories shared about these two Down’s Syndrome adults.  But the one that made me smile had to do with the lone, female NASCAR driver, Danika Patrick.  Evidently Adam has a crush on her, and she, like most NASCAR participants, knows of Adam.   At one race Jeffrey was with Adam as they approached Danika and she gave him a hug.  While still in her embrace, Adam looked at Jeffrey with a big grin of male pride and accomplishment.  Basically, sending the message, I got a hug and you didn’t!

This project was about ways that individuals find and offer hope.  It’s obvious that Adam has done just that.  He makes the world a better, kinder place to live.  Remember Adam was made in God's image.

 - Jim Randazzo

Finding Hope within a Community of Faith

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Never give up on God even when it seems hopeless