Finding Hope - Nancy

You are a couple with faith who love each other, want children but are having no success.  How do you proceed?   Nancy and Dan sought the advice of specialists while they prayed to God.  After years of trying they turned to infertility procedures.  Six years of injections, monthly disappointments and buckets of tears led Nancy to the following thoughts

" God why not, why not us? I thought maybe we were being punished for maybe bad choices I had made or things I’ve done wrong in the past. I asked Jesus every month, please let it be this month. We were doing up to 21 injections of medication a month."

Nancy was a teacher, and she knew no matter what was happening in her life, when the school bell rang she had to put that aside and be great.  Life rings the same bells.  While struggling with fertility procedures, her father, who lived in Florida, was diagnosed with cancer.  Nancy told her husband that they had to take a break from the treatments so that she could visit her parents over the Easter break.

Her school colleagues were like family and they knew of her emotional stress.  One friend walked in on Nancy during an emotional tear filled time.  She was a Christian woman who immediately asked what was wrong.  After finding out the issues the friend replied,  " maybe you’re not praying the right way”.  Ask God for His will and His way.”

In Nancy's words, "That stopped me still. I realized I was only praying for what I wanted. I was losing hope in my plans. So I instantly changed my prayer. I prayed for God to forgive me for being selfish.   I asked him for strength and courage for whatever he had planned for us. I prayed for His will and His plan. I prayed that for one week to the day."

Holy Thursday meant a noon dismissal at school.  Nancy's mind was on her trip to Florida.  A 2:00 pm call was life changing.  A different friend from school told her that her niece had a baby the day before, and was giving it up for adoption.  She was willing to legally give the baby to Nancy and Dan.

Although Dan never came home early, he walked in while Nancy was crying.  He assumed something happened to her Dad.   When she said "NO it's a baby!"  He didn’t hesitate, "Let's do it!"   That night they went to church and thanked God.  The next 24 hours brought no sleep and an emergency shopping trip before the trip to the Philadelphia hospital.   Somehow the social services legalities got solved efficiently. So, on  Good Friday Dan and Nancy found themselves driving back to New Jersey with a 48 hour old baby girl.

As they crossed the metal structure which bridged two states, they saw a beautiful rainbow. It seemed like God's celebration for their daughter, Natalie.   When they introduced Natalie to her new home, they realized what they did and didn't have. 

 In Nancy's words, "We had no bottles, diapers, cradles, clothes, nothing. We had so much more than that. God knew there was a little baby who needed us. He knew we needed her.  He was waiting for; our trust, our Hope, our patience, our understanding. It was all His plan and His way from the very beginning. We just needed to see that

He has taken care of her and continues to take care of her. Dan and I are forever grateful, thankful and we owe everything we have to our Lord. This is truly a miracle. God is good all the time. Trust and obey."

In times of need we often turn to prayer, but how many of us replace our specific request with the concept "Your will be done"?   Pray for strength.  Pray for understanding.   God tells us to ask, but be willing to accept His plan.

 - Jim Randazzo

Finding Hope within a Community of Faith

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Never give up on God even when it seems hopeless