Finding Hope - Buddy

found himself at the Gates of Heaven on August 14, 2018.  I’m confident that he was welcomed with the phrase enter good and faithful servant. I didn’t know Buddy, but I know his son.  When parenting is done correctly you know someone through his children. 

Buddy was disciplined and a very hard worker.  I’m sure he had a positive attitude about life and approached each day with gusto.  He never feared working in a challenging profession.  (Buddy was a State Trooper for 30 years).  He had a wife of 65 years, three children and multiple grandchildren.  If you ask those who knew him how he loved to spend retired time, it was either by walking or participating in some way in the lives of his children or grandchildren.  From one perspective Buddy had a perfect life, fulfilled his Godly commands and deserved a care free retirement.

Non-believers tend to think that God favors the faithful and makes their path easier as a reward for their faith.  There is no such promise.  The final years of Buddy’s life were torturous for him and his family.  The final paths were hard and thorny thanks to a condition of Alzheimer’s.  I’m sure his children wondered why, and no words could fully explain. 

There are reasons for everything, many of which we’ll never know.  Sharing opinions would only be speculation.  Possibly what Buddy had to endure had nothing to do with him but with others.  Maybe someone will become involved in the cure for Alzheimer’s because of Buddy.  Possibly someone will be more observant of life and appreciate time granted because of Buddy.  Only God knows.

What I know for sure is a man I never met impacted my life through his son.  Isn’t that the story of Jesus?  All Christians are redeemed to the Father through His son.  Our job is now to love God, our neighbor and make this world a better place.  Buddy did his job.  God love him for that.

 - Jim Randazzo

Finding Hope within a Community of Faith

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Never give up on God even when it seems hopeless