Finding Hope - Darlene

sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she was diagnosed with a mass in her thyroid at approximately the same time. Her youngest child was 3 and her oldest child was 10.  Darlene had to go for a biopsy, and the night before the hospital visit, she could not sleep.

There was a  24 hour market near her home.  She drove in the early morning darkness to walk around the store and ease her mind before the appointment.   She parked her car in a vacant lot with only a few cars which probably were the employees.  She grabbed a cart, and as she turned around out of the blue a man walked up to her cart and held on to it. It startled Darlene, and she froze. The man looked her straight into her eyes with a calmness she will never forget, said, "it's ok… do not worry".  

A little scared,  she said thank you, and made her way hastily to the store.  As she got to safety,  she turned around and looked for the man out the window. He was nowhere to be seen. There was no movement outside, it was dark, and she did not see any car lights coming or going.

Darlene paused for a few minutes somewhat confused, and then realized this must have been God's presence.  She prayed for a moment, thanked Him, and knew at this time it will "be ok".  

Her sister passed later that year, but Darlene's testing proved to be negative for cancer. Still not really understanding it all, she felt the presence of God and his powerful grace. Now to this day, she  had many more "encounters" that have proven God's love, and continual presence in her life.

Jim Randazzo

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Finding Hope within a Community of Faith

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Never give up on God even when it seems hopeless