Finding Hope -Dee

Dee is 
young, in good shape but woke up mid sleep one night with a pain in her head.  She took some medication, wondered what made her feel ill and went back to sleep.  Before the morning passed she found herself in a hospital diagnosed with a stroke.

Immediately her thoughts turned to a prayer: “Please Jesus, help me.  Don’t let me die and don’t let me be one of those patients who must rush out of the ER to catch a smoke.” 

Five days later, Dee was released to physical therapy and after six weeks of therapy she had fully recuperated.  Not only that, she hasn’t smoked since.  Her health was good, now it’s better including blood pressure issues that probably caused her original problem.

In the bible it says to ask, and you will receive.  Many people don’t ask.  Even more when they receive, soon take the blessing for granted.  Dee seems to know where this gift came from and has dedicated her new lease on life to protecting her health and living life to the fullest.  That included taking more vacation jaunts with her friends, like her cousin, Ginger, and taking full advantage of God’s wonders so close to her home.

Dee and Ginger came to Jekyll Island today to partake of the local shrimp and crab.  They also came to love life by communicating with nature.   What’s the likelihood that we’d share two adjacent chairs in a crowded space?  Not surprising when God’s directing the seating.  

Dee was meant to share her story.  Now you know it also.  So, do something soon to praise God and enjoy the world He gave us to share with others.  Loving friendships and appreciation are a form of prayer.  
 - Jim Randazzo

Finding Hope within a Community of Faith

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Never give up on God even when it seems hopeless