Finding Hope -Jo

A favorite pastime these days is following your genetic roots.  What about your spiritual roots?  Who introduced you to the faith, and helped your roots prosper and flower?  Jo knows exactly how that happened, and it was 3000+ miles away from New Jersey.

Jo was born and raised in the State of Washington.  She was the oldest in a family of five.  Her parents had some major problems that centered around alcohol.  When it came to spiritual matters they could care less.  She and her siblings were raised with NO Christian background.  Oh they knew directly about abuse from their parents, but they didn't know about the Lord.

One day in the 1950's Jo overheard a group of friends talking about someone who was "saved."  Not understanding, she went over and asked "Was the person drowning?"  Her friends, a bit shocked by her unawareness said, "NO….saved from eternal damnation."

As shocking as that statement was for Jo to hear, these same friends have kept in contact all these years. Even today, when they speak on the phone, that original conversation brings memories and laughs.

Jo wasn't necessarily laughing at the time.  She realized that her friends knew something about life that she didn't.  Fortunately rather than shy away, she gravitated towards them.  She accepted their invitation to church and  youth group.  Her attendance continued to grow and expand right through college.

Jo decided to attend a Christian college in Sterling, Kansas.  She had a voracious appetite for the Lord, and took as many classes and participated in as many Christian events as possible.  It was there where she met her husband who was going into the seminary.  He would eventually become a minister.

Jo has been active in every church she has attended her entire life.  Following her lead, her siblings sought out a church driven life. Once planted, seeds grow and spread.

One misunderstood statement, which turned into one lifelong joke, was the turning point that led Jo to Christ. That invitation can be followed through her marriage and her family. 

Every conversation, every invitation means something.  Think of that next time you hesitate to share something you know is God's truth.   Remember it only takes two or more gathered in His name to make something good happen.  Jo is living proof.
 - Jim Randazzo

Finding Hope within a Community of Faith

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Never give up on God even when it seems hopeless