Finding Hope -Betty

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would be the first to say that she's had a good life.  She can talk with pride about her two husbands, her family, her numerous experiences in nursing and the active way she practices her faith.   Betty is known and admired by anyone even remotely involved at Hope Church.

Betty has also been a lifelong animal lover.  She loves all of God's creatures but has a particular fondness for cats.  A while ago she lost her love of 17 years, Snickers.   Time eventually catches up to all of us.  As part of the healing process, friends suggested that Betty take on another cat.  Her answer was a swift no, because she felt her remaining lifespan wouldn't allow for the full care of a young animal.

To deflect these suggestions Betty would promptly respond, “If God wants me to have another cat, He'll send one to my door."  Under the category of being careful what you pray for, shortly after that statement  a workman knocked on her door.  He and his wife bore a gift.  Under his coat was a small cat which Betty reluctantly accepted after a promise from them to care for her if/when she couldn't.  Betty named the kitten, Holly.

At Holly's first visit to the vet, Betty found out that a name change was in order; hence Holly became Ollie.  The love fest has been intense.   A recent birthday celebration for Betty became an Ollie fest.  The kitten has more toys than he knows what to do with.

Betty will enjoy this cat's unconditional love for as long as she can.  A lifelong question is "At what point in life should you say NO to love?"  Betty's answer turned out to be NEVER.  How did Betty's children react to her new love?  Their only advice was “Don't pray for a man!"  Betty's answer to that was definitive, “Don't worry,  I won't!  Two husbands were quite enough."  

There is a purpose for all aspects of life.  The unconditional, loving bond between an animal with his/her person, mirrors the unconditional love that God freely gives to us.  All it takes is participation and reciprocation.

Betty invited love back into her life.  When will you invite the love of Jesus into your life or that of a friend, colleague or family member?  No better time than the present.
 - Jim Randazzo

Finding Hope within a Community of Faith

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Never give up on God even when it seems hopeless