Finding Hope - Robin

When I was training to be a professional educator, I remember the lessons about not prejudging anyone by their appearance, attitude or previous test scores. I also remember the warning not to have or play favorites.   I was successful with the prejudging part of the business, but not having favorites was much harder.  It was something you had to do, but deep down you knew some of God’s creatures were extra special.

That’s exactly the way I feel about my sister in law, Robin.  I acknowledge and respect all members of my family both biological and legal.  But Robin holds a special place in my heart.  Her faith, kindness, strength and positive spirit are exemplary.  She has the strongest sense of family, and exudes maximum compassion and love.

Besides her many accomplishments working in a school system, Robin persisted against all odds to take an abandoned eyesore of a building in her town and turn it into a beautiful, productive yoga studio.  (She taught "Christian Yoga" at Hope Church for a while)  Her life has provided many more challenges than most of us face.  She has endured the loss of a child to SIDS and a husband to the callousness of a drunk driver.  Despite these major setbacks she raised a wonderful son, Matthew, maintained and strengthened her faith and is a blessing to anyone who interacts with her.

God gave each of us a purpose and mission in life.  I am positive that Robin was put here to exemplify gentleness, love and kindness.  That she has done very well.  Growing up she was her father's little fishing buddy.  I know he was extremely proud of her as he was all of his daughters, son in laws and grandchildren. Goodness in the world generates more goodness.

Today, April 24th is Robin's birthday.  Every birth is special, but Robin's birth deserves to be celebrated because her pure heart has touched so many.  She has followed God's command to make this world a better place by helping others.  It is truly fitting that I end my work in this Finding Hope series with someone who has given me Hope all these years.


Jim Randazzo

Finding Hope within a Community of Faith

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Never give up on God even when it seems hopeless