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Hey ladies,

Can't wait to get this party started!! I wanted to give some general information :)

Here is a basic breakdown of different ways you can approach the study:

Option 1:  Just watch the videos, read the blog and comment at will.  No additional purchases necessary and lots of good information.

Option 2: All of the above, but purchase the Made to Crave Participant's Guide.  This guide has some great additional assessments, studies and reflections you can do during the week.  Some of the material we share with you will be from this book.

Option 3: All of the above plus purchasing the original Made to Crave book.  This book deals with the, "how do I get motivated" aspect in more depth than the videos or workbook alone.

Or you can pick any combonation of the above!  You may find the book speaks more to you than the videos, or that you love the "in between sessions" homework in the workbook. Make it work for you!  Just know you don't have to do it alone!! Each Monday I will post on the blog the video for that week along with a few reflection questions. On Wednesday I will send out some additional thoughts on the video/readings. The weekly schedule will be posted at the bottom of the page! 

Throughout the week we can post our thoughts, questions, goals and struggles on the private FB page.  Like any other study what is said in study stays in study. We don't share anything outside of this group without explicit permission :) 

The FB page is completely private; others can’t see any content, they can’t even see members. I will be posting thoughts, scripture or quotes that jump out at me, but feel free to post anytime! This is your group and you can share and contribute at will!

If you don’t have FB you can comment on the blog posts but please know they are not private and can be seen by anyone (they would have to dig around to find them but they would be there).

Week 1 April 16:

Video 1

Workbook Session 1

Book Chapters 1-3


Week 2, April 23

Video 2

Workbook Session 2

Book Chapters 4-7


Week 3, April 30

Video 3

Workbook session 3

Book Chapters 8-10


Week 4, May 7


Workbook session

Book Chapters 11-13


Week 5 May 14

Video 5

Workbook session 5

Book Chapters 14-16


Week 6, May 21

Video 6

Workbook session 6

Book Chapters 17-19